“Democracies flourish when large numbers of citizens acquire the capacity to shape civic and economic life. Social Entrepreneurship is a process that enables citizens to do that.”
– Azadeh Tajdar

The Social Economy through Social Inclusion (SETSI) model aims to tell a story, change minds, shift perspectives, and grow communities. Our coalition was developed as a response to some of the emerging trends and challenges we have collectively witnessed in the social economy, social finance, impact investing and cooperative ecosystems. We are a broad coalition of young executives, social entrepreneurs, community organizers, economists, researchers, lawyers, and social justice advocates.

Our mission is to create prosperity and abundance in our society, utilizing social innovation and enabled by diversity and inclusivity. We want to build a world where all organizations have an intentional positive social benefit. Business leaders and entrepreneurs internationally are realizing that by innovating their business models they can create significant positive social impact, while also increasing their financial sustainability. In Canada the need for entrepreneurs incubation, mentoring and co-working services is obvious and as we at SETSI convene, organize and mobilize.

We are creating a more inclusive and thriving ecosystem for start-ups and emerging leaders. In an increasingly complex and changing world, it is clear to our members that ‘traditional’ social frameworks simply don’t match the change around us anymore. Through our strategic focus and direction, learning and honouring lived experience and shared social values we aim to evolve the aforementioned sectors and ecosystems.

“We know there is a strong movement emerging in socially conscious businesses because the public is demanding a change.”
– Community Member

  • Integrity
  • Family
  • Social Inclusion 
Intergenerational Collaboration
    Learning & Innovation
  • Social Responsibility
  • Sustainable Development
  • The development of diverse and inclusive social economy, social finance, cooperative and impact investing  ecosystems.
  • Diligent engagement and capacity building of diverse social purpose organizations.
  • Community Economic Development.
  • Advocating for public policy and regulatory environments that transform the conditions for social innovation.
  • Community and organizational capacity building.
  • Raising awareness of local and international social purpose organizations.
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