Economic Well-Being Initiative (EWI)


The SETSI (EWI) Economic Well-Being Initiative is a multi-year project in collaboration with  TD Bank. The SETSI (EWI) seeks to actualize financial literacy, economic inclusion, and most importantly belonging. Through this partnership, we aim to address the racial injustice and inequality experienced by African Canadian communities by running capacity-building sessions, providing technical assistance and coaching to social entrepreneurs as well as hosting financial literacy webinars.

To apply for our first cohort email: [email protected] Application deadline is January 31st, 2022


SETSI is a non-profit, committed to advancing inclusion, diversity, financial literacy and economic well- being in Canada. Our partnerships are built on a shared commitment to develop new ways to use capital for the purpose of systemic transformation.

Participants of SETSI’s Economic Well Being Initiative will demonstrate increased capacity and knowledge of financial literacy skills, including:

  • How to navigate the financial system
  • How to manage finances/banking
  • How to create and manage a budget
  • How to set financial goals
  • How to pay off debt
  • How interest works
  • Where to find financial literacy materials
  • Understanding credit, debt & credit scoring
  • How to be a savvy consumer
  • How to develop short and long-term financial goals
  • Scaling your social enterprise and or business
  • Cultivating new relationships
  • Access to mentors to support on your financial literacy journey

Target Audience 

The target audience for this initative includes: People of African descent/Black people that are traditionally unaware, excluded, or not intentionally engaged in community financial literacy programs, supports, and services. 

To apply for our first cohort  email: [email protected]
Application deadline is January 31st, 2022

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